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Struga is a city in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia and a center of the Municipality of Struga. It lies on the plain of the Struga Field on both banks of the river Crn Drim and on the northern shore of Ohrid Lake. The ancient name of the city is Enhalon, which in ancient Greek means eel, and at that time the city was a small settlement. Later the settlement gets its name Struga. Five kilometers south-west of Struga, on the shore of the lake is the village famous for the old churches and monasteries and fish specialties. In Kalishta, on the very shore of the Ohrid Lake, in the natural rocky setting, there is the monastery of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God, among the people known as the Kalisz Monastery. 15 km from Struga, after the village of Veleshta, one of the most beautiful Macedonian villages - Vevchani - is located in the slopes of Mount Jablanica. This is a place for admiration on many grounds, a paradise for the soul, a place where you can relax, soak up and feel almost all the natural beauties that nature has unselfishly given.


Departure from Skopje


Sightseeing in Struga which includes:

- Struga bazaar
- The bridge of poetry
- Memorial house of the Miladinov brothers
- Church St. George


Kalishta - cave church 'Birth of Holy Mother of God'


Lunch in Vevchani


Walking tour through the village and visit of the springs


Departure to Skopje

Duration: 1 day during the whole year
Group size: minimum 2 people
Starting point: Skopje (or upon request)
Includes: transport, drinks during the trip, lunch, full escort of a professional tourist guide for all sights (including tickets)
Price: upon request and depending on the number of participants


Naroden Front 19A/40A
T.C. Beverly Hills
1000 Skopje | Macedonia

T. +389 2 3139 228

T. +389 2 3139 229

M. +389 71 340 528

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